Timeless classics give us the feeling as if they had been around forever. In contrast to the trivial and the uninspiring, we would miss them if they did not exist. It seems as though they were destined to be made. This, in any case, is what Manfred Brassler – founder and designer of MeisterSinger – had in mind in 2001, when he launched the brand. Despite the trend towards increasing complexity of many modern watches, he wanted to go back to the basics of the art of watchmaking and create a simple measuring instrument at an affordable price – clear, consistent and balanced. The growing success of the brand is a testament to a mission accomplished, which is particularly highlighted by the fact that the concept remains as fresh today as when it was introduced more than 10 years ago. The name MeisterSinger (German for “master singer” has its origins in the Middle Ages, when singers organised in guilds took part in singing competitions in southern Germany. Whoever came up with a “new sound” was crowned MeisterSinger of the year. The fermata – the pause symbol in musical notation – is part of the logo of MeisterSinger, and it stands for the brand’s relaxed approach to time.

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