In the eastern Ore Mountains, past Berlin and on the way to Prague: This is where NOMOS Glashütte crafts its watches. The mechanical timepieces “Made in Glashütte, Germany” are world-famous, and the watchmakers who make them count amongst the very best in fine watchmaking. This is because watches have been made in Glashütte for many generations (since 1845, in fact), and this long tradition of fine mechanical watchmaking has developed unique characteristics; only Glashütte timepieces feature three-quarter plates and delicate sunburst decoration.

Traditional craftsmanship here, high-tech production methods there: Both of these approaches combine to make NOMOS watches into high-precision timepieces. And all this Glashütte watchmaking craft is presented with just as much love. An expert team of designers in the creative capital Berlin shapes the dials, the hands, and the cases to ensure that they appeal—for years to come, with every glance at the time, several dozen times a day.

NOMOS Glashütte—with 200 employees, a number of patents, more than 100 awards for watchmaking performance and design to its name—is the Glashütte watchmaking company that keeps innovating. NOMOS watches, like the brand itself, are modern and cosmopolitan; combining the best elements of tradition and contemporary style.

Little Treasury is an authorized NOMOS Gold Collection Dealer and a Minimatik Collection Dealer.

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